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Patient Review By Ron S

Hi Dr. Stutts and Staff — You may not recall my recent procedure, but if I were to mention my “fears and reluctance”, perhaps recollection would become a bit more crystallized. In any case, I wanted to take just a moment to say THANK YOU for performing what could easily be described as an “Einsteinian” time transformation. You managed to execute a little “tap and twist” wrist action (while engaging in a pleasant chat) that somehow took place in about 10 seconds. The estimated 10 minute procedure was observable (perhaps) only by folks in the waiting room (as we whizzed by at near the speed of light?). When done I was sans one upper rear molar. ANYway, I felt NO pain during the procedure and felt NO discomfort afterwards. Within a few days I was back to normal chewing habits and am now able to chew nuts without having to brush my teeth immediately thereafter. I suspect you do not encounter many patients with my initial fears and reluctance. But then how many folks have 20 years of post-herpatic terrifying break-thru pain as a backdrop? However, if you do have future patients with reservations or concerns, perhaps allowing them to read excerpts from this note might help alleviate some anxiety. Had I known you were able to transform 10 minutes into 10 seconds I know my anxiety level would have been near zero. I have been lucky enough to benefit from what can only be described as a brilliantly and talented execution of a non-trivial surgical procedure with results that can only be described with one word: Perfection !! Thank you.

- Ron S

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Patient Review By Mary E

Dr. Stutts level of care and professionalism, as well as that of the entire staff, is exceptiona!l As a result, I found my anxiety and fears were totally unwarranted. I would highly recommend Dr. Stutts , and his practice, to anyone!

- Mary E

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Patient Review By Shanti A

I had all my wisdom teeth extracted 2 weeks ago. I was nervous during the day of the surgery but Dr. Stutts assured me that everything's going to be alright and put me at ease. Just like he said, the surgery went very smooth and I didn't even know when it started and ended. I'm really happy to say that I experienced zero pain after the surgery in the past two weeks. I want to thank Dr Stutts and his staff for making this procedure painless. He is the best oral surgeon around.

- Shanti A

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Patient Review By Richard R

Thank you for your expertise and knowledgeable experience which made my visit very comfortable for my procedure! Also a big shout out to Amber. Thanks again, Richard.

- Richard R

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Patient Review By Haley H

I love Dr.Stutts office! I have never had surgery before and was very worried about going to his office to have my wisdom teeth removed. I already have horrible anxiety, so I knew that this wasn't gonna help it. BUT as soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile. The lady at the front desk was very talkative and helped ease my nerves before ever seeing Dr.Stutts. Once I met Dr.Stutts and he saw that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed, I let him know how nervous I was about getting my wisdom teeth removed. He helped put me at ease and joked along with me the whole way. He was so friendly and it helped me forget what I was even doing there in the first place. The scheduling was nice because I went back a week later for my wisdom teeth to be removed. Like I said I was very very worried on getting my wisdom teeth out but on the day of the surgery, I was as calm as could be. Dr.Stutts did amazing work and I was in and out no time! I also thought that it was extremely nice that he called my family the day of to make sure that I was recuperating after the surgery. I don't know many doctors that call to ask about their patients. I went back a few days later for a check up. Yet again, he was just as nice as he could be! I could not recommend Dr.Stutts enough!!!!!

- Haley H

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Patient Review By Bob B

No one likes having to have an implant, but if you have to go that route, Dr Robert Stutts is the man !

- Bob B

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Patient Review By Clay L

Dr. Stutt’s and staff are all comforting, informative, caring and helpful during a time of dental anxiety. They walked us (and my Daughter) through the entire process and eased her mind. Amber was extremely helpful and proactive with the insurance process and removed as much of the inconvenient paper work possible. The procedure process was also punctual and all scheduling occurred as planned with no waiting around. Thank You Clay S. Lowder

- Clay L

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Patient Review By Kim M

Dr Stutts and his staff made me feel comfortable knowing I was so well taken care of. The staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable and Dr Stutts was amazing as a surgeon. All of my visits were pleasant and I would recommend Dr Stutts to anyone who is a little hesitant of dental procedures. He was able to sedate me to a comfortable and safe level that made for a great experience. Thank you to the doctor and his great staff.

- Kim M

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Patient Review By Joe T

I had an amazing experience with Dr Stutts and his very knowledgeable staff. They made the process of scheduling and receiving treatment very pleasant. I would refer anyone I could to there office.

- Joe T

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Patient Review By Diane W

I wish all medical/dental offices were run so well and friendly. I unexpectedly had to have a tooth pulled. Once I scheduled the appt., they contacted my insurance, directed me to the online medical forms etc. so when I arrived there were no surprises. For each of my 3 visits (consultation, extraction & follow-up) I was seen on time or even a bit before my appt. time. I really appreciate an office that values my time as much as theirs. The procedure and healing went more smoothly than I ever could have expected. Dr. Stutts and his whole staff are professional, thorough and so very friendly!!! Would I go back . . . ABSOLUTELY!!! Would I recommend . . . ABSOLUTELY!!

- Diane W

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Patient Review By PBHS T



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